The Challenges of Tape Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Data Archiving

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

As storage continues to be the #1 problem for most IT departments, many are finding managing tape backup, disaster recovery (DR) and data archiving becoming increasingly complex. Backup was simple when data was measured in Megabytes & Gigabytes, but as storage moves to Terabytes (1,000’s of Gigabytes) and Exabytes, dealing with this amount of data has become difficult – until now.

In this webinar, Net at Work along with Dell and EMC Data Domain will explore solutions to address the common challenges for organizations with 1Tb up to 1,000Tb’s of data. We will review:

  • Why the ‘Storage’ problem is so prevalent and won’t go away easily
  • Technology solutions that combat this ever increasing challenge
  • How data deduplication can and should play a significant role in how you manage your data

Anyone who finds managing tape backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and data archiving becoming increasingly complex as their organizations store exponentially more information should Register.