7 Steps to Driving Total Business Value Using an ERP System

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT
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Over a business’s lifespan, it will face the task of continually replacing, upgrading, or enhancing its business systems in response to changing market conditions, new technologies, and shifting strategies. Consider how your organization approaches ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).  Are you effectively leveraging your people, processes and software in a way that keeps you operating efficiently and a step ahead of your competitors?

This Webinar will help you and your colleagues to chart a course for ERP evolution at your company, and to harness the power of your chosen solutions to achieve and sustain business value over the long term. Sign up now for this educational event and you’ll learn about the critical points for success, including:

  • 7 steps to driving total business value using an ERP system
  • A step by step approach for evaluating ERP solutions in a way that supports your specific and concrete business goals
  • How to factor important benefits typically not reflected in classic ROI/TCO analysis  such as greater flexibility and business agility into your project in a more formal, institutionalized manner
  • How to build business transformation, value, and change management into the foundation of your deployment to ensure a successful ERP outcome

Featured Speakers:

Eric Kimberling has over 10 years of experience devoted to the field of ERP and IT Benefits Realization, including performance measurement, process improvement, and organizational change management. He is the President and founder of Panorama Consulting Group, a US-based company that provides IT and ERP Benefits Realization consulting to international companies.

Erik Kaas is Director of Product Management for Mid Market ERP products at Sage. He is responsible for managing the product life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities. Erik manages a team of product managers responsible for specifying market requirements for current and future products.  Prior to Sage, Erik was responsible for product management at Pivotal Corporation, a provider of CRM solutions for mid market enterprises.

Michael Oliver-Goodwin is a Contributing Editor for Focus. He is a widely published writer and an experienced editor for publications, including PC World, MacWeek and InfoWorld.