Abila Launches Elevate Cloud Fundraising Software

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Earlier this week, Abila software announced the launch of Abila Elevate, a cloud-based fundraising platform. Elevate is smart, intuitive, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution allowing  nonprofits to focus on what matters most and treat every donor like a major donor.

Designed on a true SaaS platform with intuitive design and drag-and-drop configuration, Elevate is more than a Web interface to an antiquated platform. It removes the bloat associated with dated fundraising systems. Elevate is also built for the unique needs of nonprofit organizations so that fundraising professionals are not forced to customize a business CRM to meet the needs and processes of a nonprofit.

Abila Elevate changes what your donor database can do for you, making it easy to elevate what matters most to your mission and your supporters. Elevate can also help you:

  • Organize your fundraising and prioritize your day
  • Turn donor data into real knowledge you can act on
  • Engage donors at the right time with the right message

Learn more about this new cloud-based fundraising platform: download the Abila Elevate overview or email us to schedule a demo.

[WATCH VIDEO] Introducing Abila Elevate | Abila Launches Elevate Cloud Fundraising Software