Intel Security Announces End of Life (EoL) for McAfee SaaS Email Protection Products

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Intel has recently announced End of Life (EoL) for McAfee SaaS Email Protection (MX Logic) products. In this post we will explain what this announcement means, and discuss Proofpoint, the alternative solution to McAfee SaaS Email Protection.

What does End of Life (EoL) McAfee SaaS Email Protection mean?

Intel Security will discontinue (after January 11, 2016) McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Archiving, including the following:

  • Email Archiving
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Protection and Continuity

Intel Security will stop supporting these products starting from January 11, 2019. Customers with no subscription to McAfee Email Gateway will not be able to renew after January 11, 2017.

  Download this FAQ document to learn more about EOL for McAfee SaaS Email protection.

Alternative Solution to McAfee SaaS Email Protection:

Intel Security has selected Proofpoint as the recommended replacement option for its email security platform. Upgrading from McAfee SaaS Email (MX Logic) Protection Solution to Proofpoint is an easy decision. Proofpoint is the market leading email protection service and delivers an immediate and seamless transition to better email security.

  Download the Proofpoint / McAfee SaaS Email Protection Comparison Guide to learn more about why proofpoint is the best alternative for McAfee SaaS Email Protection products.

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