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In Response to COVID19

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I don’t traditionally post content or commentary as I have always felt that there was already plenty out there on most topics. But in these uncertain and unprecedented times caused by the Coronavirus, I find myself in a unique position to perhaps add perspective that hopefully helps our partner community navigate these uncharted waters.

I work at a technology and business consultancy, that has over the years become the leader in its space. I have known the founders, Eddie and Alex Solomon, almost from the time that they founded Net at Work in 1998 and have watched them lead the company through many challenging markets. They have succeeded when many others in our field have not. Over the years through both organic growth and acquisitions we have grown to 13 business units, multiple shared services, and successful sister companies, all of which are led by individuals who have been successful in their own rights before joining us and adding their experience to fuel our continued growth. Finally, in my role as the Director of Partner Success I have the privilege of working not only with the Net at Work Leadership but also with almost 200 partners across different industries all of whom are led by business owners who have navigated their own companies through multiple challenging markets, some for 25 or 30 years.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by smart, experienced and successful people and have a unique purview being at the intersection of many strategic conversations. I am witness to thoughtful and strategic content being published across our community addressing the impact of the Coronavirus on our markets, partners and customers, how to deal with that impact and more importantly how to come out stronger on the other side.

This blog series will bring together and highlight this thought leadership and provide a venue for a conversation for the benefit of all. I have always believed that any large challenge can be overcome if enough people “lean in” to the problem. The challenge ahead presented by the Coronavirus is easily the largest one that most of us are likely to face in our lifetime and it will take all of us working together, socially and economically, to get through it.

What will this series of blogs cover?

We will highlight content published by our community or third-party articles that are relevant to our conversations. Topics being addressed will include best practices for managing your business, highlighting revenue drivers and most importantly preparing to thrive in the post-Coronavirus economy.
Where will content be posted?

We will post original content in this blog or link to original sources such as partner sites and blogs. We will then push this content out on LinkedIn and other social media. We will also email content to partners in our database.

How will we support comments, questions and conversations?

We have created a LinkedIn community to which we will invite all our partners. This will allow all partners to have visibility of each other as well as participate in the dialogue. Please join the community and join the conversation.

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