New Employee Find Capabilities in Sage Abra HRMS

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If you frequently search for employee records, whether for an individual or a group of employees with a certain common characteristic, the most recent releases of Sage Abra HRMS speeds this task. In both Sage Abra Suite Version 9 and Sage Abra SQL HRMS Version 10, enhancements were made to the Employee Find function. In this article we cover the new functionality in depth, and provide some examples of how you can use it to save time and effort.

The Employee Find capability now is available on the Navigation Pane after you access a Group, such as Employees or Training. You use it to find and select an employee before you complete tasks or processes in the application. For example, if you select Employees/ View/Edit Employee, you need to search for an employee before you go to the Employee Detail pages to view or edit.

Multiple Filtering Options

The power of the new Employee Find comes from several new capabilities, including the following:

  • When you begin typing a value, the system will automatically start to display all the records in the system that match. For example, you could search by a first name, such as John, and the system will display all the matching employees and allow you to quickly select the one you are looking for.
  • You also can search the system based on Employee status. For example, you may want to see at a glance how many employees are on leave of absence, or how many dependents are in the system for whom you are paying heath insurance premiums. The statuses you can select from are Active, Terminated, LOA (Leave of Absence), and Other. Note: The Other status may be used for dependents or other non-employees.
  • You can use several different fields in combination to narrow your search. You can use any combination of the Last Name, First Name, ID, and SSN fields to find the employee you are looking for. For example, if you are doing a search by the Last Name and First Name, the First Name search field will act as a filter, while the Last Name field will act as a go-to feature and will navigate you to the employee on the results list that matches both criteria.

Quick Matching Of Data

If you start typing a value in a search field and there is a match, the record is highlighted in the search results. An arrow indicator appears next to the record. After you have found the record that you are searching for, you can click OK, or double-click the record to view the detail page for that employee.

If you start typing a value in a search field and there is no match, a Not Found message appears to the right of the search field.

Search Results Retained

With Sage Abra Suite Version 9 and Sage Abra SQL HRMS Version 10, the results of your searches are retained for future use. For example, if you search for employees on a detail page, then go to a report page to print a report, when you return to a detail page (the same or a different one), the system remembers your previous search results. The results  appear so you can select the same employee (highlighted) or a different employee from the list.

Advanced Employee Find

The Advanced Employee Find is accessed by clicking the More Options button on the Employee Find page. The following additional search criteria will appear for selection when it is expanded:

  • Organization Levels
  • Supervisor
  • Employee Type
  • Salaried/Hourly
  • State
  • Job Title
  • Last Hire Date

As with the regular Employee Find, the search results automatically are filtered based on the criteria entered in these fields. With Advanced Employee Find, it is easy to find all the employees who report to a particular manager, or all the director-level employees, or any employee who lives/works out of state.