Sage ERP X3 Tip: Using the Control Table

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The Control Table in Sage ERP X3 is a very useful feature, and one we recommend using as it is simple to use and doesn’t require any coding.

Control Tables are used to control entries made in a field, make the entry mandatory or not, check against a list of values, and more like: using a formula/expression, using an existing table and its values to select from. Here we detail the steps in using the Control Table.

Step 1
: Create the Control Table.
Function path: Parameters > General parameters > Control Tables

Example of Control Table on an existing table, field mandatory

Example of Control Table on a list of mandatory values

Step 2
: Control Table Assignment
Parameters > General parameters > Personalization > Screens > Control Tables Assignment

Now in the SO management the Sales site is mandatory and has a select function

If you have any question on using the Control Table in Sage ERP X3 or would like a more detailed overview contact us and one of our Sage X3 experts will be happy to assist.