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Today’s Human Resources (HR) teams are more than just administrators of employee records. Modern HR teams support the organization with key information and processes. Finding and retaining the right talent is a key success factor for businesses, regardless of industry or size. Sage HRMS Talent Management by Cornerstone OnDemand can help you to maximize your return on employee investment.

Why Do You Need Talent Management?

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses of all sizes today is the lack of an integrated talent management system to tie employee performance to employee training and development. Market studies have revealed astonishing results for organizations using integrated talent management including: a 26 percent higher revenue per employee and a 19 percent higher workforce retention.

Small and mid-sized organizations compete in the same markets for the same talent as larger companies. With an integrated talent management solution, you can gain an edge on the competition by ensuring that your employees’ skills and abilities are aligned and developed for maximum productivity and contribution. Workforce readiness translates directly to the bottom line.

Sage HRMS Talent Management By Cornerstone OnDemand

Sage HRMS Talent Management includes both learning management and performance management delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It enables organizations to empower their people and maximize the productivity of their human resources. Linking data between systems is straightforward; Cornerstone uses Web Services and other data integration services to exchange data with Sage HRMS.

Whether you need to tackle a training project, automate performance reviews, or roll out a social networking community, Sage HRMS Talent Management is powerful and flexible enough to meet the challenge and grow with your business. Sage HRMS Talent Management provides two integrated solutions to empower your workforce and improve your bottom line.

Sage HRMS Learning Management

Sage HRMS Learning Management by Cornerstone OnDemand enables you to create, manage, and deliver personalized training and targeted learning programs for all members of your organization. It includes over 30,000 pre-loaded e-learning titles. Sage HRMS Learning Management also includes a platform to drive social learning, professional networking, and meaningful collaboration. With Sage HRMS Learning Management you will be able to:

  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Deliver targeted training to close skill gaps
  • Promote high-impact social learning
  • Reduce risk with better compliance
  • Increase employee retention

Sage HRMS Performance Management

Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone OnDemand is a system that helps you to align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy. The software is designed to make performance management an ongoing process throughout the year, as opposed to an annual review. It takes you beyond simple skill assessment. It also links the outcome of skill gap assessments to employee development plans. You will be able to reward employees for achievement toward their goals and objectives, and identify promising talent and critical roles within the organization. The system helps you engage employees in their own career development, and ensure that the right people are promoted to the right positions. With Sage HRMS Performance Management you will be able to:

  • Align key performance processes with organizational goals
  • Identify and track high-performing, high-potential employees
  • Track critical skills and roles
  • Engage employees in their own development

Benefits Across The Organization

Managers are required to wear many hats as they strive to meet aggressive performance goals for their operating units. Sage HRMS Talent Management supports managers with:

  • Task automation
  • Consistent availability of critical data
  • Access to information to make good decisions about employee development
  • Performance, compensation, and succession management

Talent management programs need to be driven from the top to ensure lasting success. Sage HRMS Talent Management supports business leaders by helping them:

  • Define core elements of any strategic human capital initiative
  • Define high-level business objectives with the ability to cascade them down through the ranks
  • Identify critical roles and competencies that define the nature of the talent culture
  • Transform vision to reality through a unified view into talent data, workflows, and processes
  • Employees are highly mobile today and want to develop their own career goals. Sage HRMS Talent Management supports employee goals:
    • Employees can actively participate in development plans and engage with the organization
    • Organizations can make best use of their employees by matching skills with the needs of the business.
    • Organizations can retain a knowledgeable workforce and enjoy higher retention, loyalty, and productivity

Modular And Configurable

Sage HRMS Talent Management is a modular, highly configurable suite of software tools. Both Sage HRMS Learning Management and Performance Management come in four different levels so you can choose the appropriate functionality for your exact needs.

While there are many software solutions available to manage employee performance, learning, or training, Sage HRMS Talent Management is one of the few solutions that seamlessly integrates training and development with employee performance.
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