ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers: Laying the Foundation for Innovation

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Medical device manufacturers are some of the most innovative companies in the world. It’s in their DNA. Remaining at the forefront of innovation, though, is not without its challenges. The industry is changing rapidly, and manufacturers that don’t invest in the technologies that help them digitally transform their operations risk becoming obsolete. Technologies, including advanced ERP applications, provide medical device manufacturers with the ability to remain flexible and agile while under pressure, freeing them to invest further in new product innovations. Read more about how ERP lays the foundation for innovation in this whitepaper.

Maintain flexibility under pressure

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded the world of the importance of the medical device manufacturing industry. The demand for ventilators and respirators skyrocketed, as did the need for more basic medical devices such as gloves, masks, and gowns. At the same time, supply chains were disrupted, leaving many manufacturers scrambling.

The pressures highlighted the need for flexibility and agility. Companies with industry-capable ERP solutions in place were better prepared to rise to the challenges thanks to improved visibility across their operations, more insight into the supply chain and supplier quality, and consistent quality measures to reduce risk and retain compliance.

Continue to innovate

The pandemic also highlighted the need for continual innovation in the medical device industry. For example, new wearable sensors may soon diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 in about 90 minutes.  This need is only going to increase as new technologies become increasingly mainstream. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things medical devices, wearable technology, and blockchain are already being introduced into medical device manufacturing.

Manufacturers that invest in their digital transformation, including an ERP application that supports both back-office and operational functions, can retain and grow their market share while devoting resources to developing and testing new devices. An ERP designed for the medical device manufacturing industry provides functionality that includes:

  • Full lot traceability
  • Quality management
  • Extensive device history
  • Service and support capabilities
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Cross-enterprise visibility

Net at Work works with medical device manufacturers to provide technology solutions that support and promote innovation. One such technology solution is advanced ERP. Read more about the advantages in this white paper, Advanced ERP for Medical Device Manufacturing. Next, we invite you to learn more about how people, processes, and technology come together to deliver on those advantages here or by viewing the recorded webcast, Leveraging ERP to Manage Your Medical Device Business.

For more information about how an advanced ERP system can help your medical device business resolve key challenges and move toward a more successful digital future, please contact us.