Sage CRM – Customer Care

Sales and Marketing deliver customers to your business, but your Customer Support department develops the relationships that create customer loyalty and generate repeat sales from these customers. With the costs of acquiring customers seven times higher than retaining them, solutions must be designed to help your personnel build one-on-one relationships to retain, understand and obtain new customers.

Contact Management

SageCRM (formerly Accpac CRM) provides real-time access to relevant customer data including purchases, call and escalation history, interactions, multiple contacts, support cases, e-mail and documents sent and received, and sales opportunities. SageCRM Care makes the most of your interactions with customers. To deliver service beyond your customers’ expectations and exceed your customer support performance goals, service professionals must have the most up-to-date and complete customer data at their fingertips. Data that helps them effectively resolve service issues—and create sales, cross-sell or up-sell products. After all, customers interact with your support team more frequently than with anyone else in your company. SageCRM Care enables your organization to build solid relationships with customers.

Document Library

SageCRM Document Library provides a central repository for files from thank you letters to e-mail direct-marketing campaigns. Documents are contained in a central location giving an enterprise-wide reference site to materials sent to, and received from customers. SageCRM allows you to store white-papers, FAQs’, marketing materials, technical documents, quotes, pricing—whatever it is the team needs—in the Document Library for immediate access to support resources. Send addressed invitations, thank you notes and letters to one or multiple contacts through the mail-merge feature. The Drag-and-Drop feature allows you to drop documents from anywhere in your Windows® system directly into a client’s record, automatically logging a communication with a customer and placing the document in the library were it is accessible across your enterprise.

Time Management

SageCRM Care provides an interactive calendar, which integrates with Microsoft® Outlook®, synchronizing tasks, appointments, cases and calls for all users. Users can pre-set onscreen reminder notifications, which alert them of pending tasks. Filter and sort options allow users to manipulate onscreen data to the individual’s preferences. Accpac CRM gives your staff the ability to resolve customers’ calls immediately, escalate and prioritize issues and reduce the amount of time to resolve each call, all of this increasing customer loyalty and confidence. Through the user-friendly interface, recent history buttons, call and e-mail interaction logs, and hypertext search capabilities, SageCRM keeps critical information at your fingertips—helping customer-support professionals find what they need, when they need it.

SageCRM Care is a fully integrated component of SageCRM. Other modules include Sales Force Automation and Marketing.


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