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How to Find Your Sage X3 Version Number & Check for Recent Releases

Often, when you place a call to Helpdesk support, the first question you are asked is “What version are you on”? In this blog, we will review how to find your Sage X3 version and patch level number. Note: If…


How to Perform Inventory Multi-Counting in Sage X3

Inventory multi-counting reduces the risk of errors during the stock count process. Allowing users to count the same stock multiple times and track each stock count ensures any variances are identified and guarantees the accuracy of the complete count. The…

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Learning from Crisis: Four Ways to Improve & Strengthen Your Supply Chain

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, many companies experienced unexpected challenges in their supply chain. Production and shipping delays, shortages of critical items, and other unforeseen complications resulted in supply chain disruption across the globe. As we move forward towards a…


Here We Grow Again Meet Our New Sage X3 Team Members

Net at Work’s Sage X3 team is growing again. To better support our ever-increasing number of clients, we have added 7 new members to our Sage X3 team this quarter. They bring decades of expertise to the team in the…


Intelligent ERP Powered by the Sage Ecosystem

On August 5, 2020, Sage held a virtual conference for Sage X3 customers and partners. The event, Intelligent ERP Powered by the Sage Ecosystem, was a 4 hour complimentary virtual online event dedicated to Sage X3 and the add-on solutions…


Using Sage X3 for Successful Customer Relationship Management

While most CRM packages were developed to interface with legacy business systems, Sage X3 CRM was designed from the start as a robust, fully integrated module within Sage X3. A Broad and Integrated Approach Sage X3 CRM allows salespeople and…


How to Install and Manage Sage X3 Add-Ins in Microsoft Office

When you enable an add-in, it adds custom commands and new features to Microsoft Office programs that help increase your productivity. In this blog post, we’ll review how to install the Sage X3 Add-In for MS Excel and what to…

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