Thirty Reasons To Upgrade your ACCPAC ERP

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Studies show many clients choose not to upgrade due to concerns over the cost and effort involved. However, because every release is designed to streamline workflow, save you time and money, and help you make smarter business decisions, you can experience a fast return on your upgrade investment. In this post, we will cover the top 30 new capabilities added in the last three releases – all 30 are included in the most recent release of Sage Accpac Version 6.0.

Top Ten Benefits of Version 6.0

With the recent release of Version 6.0, Sage has included new capabilities designed to help your staff work faster and to give managers quick access to information to support the growth and overall success of your organization.

  1. The architecture of Sage ERP Accpac allows Sage to deliver new Web technology that enables collaboration and interoperability while minimizing business interruption.
  2. The new Sage ERP Accpac Portal provides users with faster, personalized access to information so that everyday tasks can be accomplished quickly, giving your team more time to focus on strategic projects.
  3. Sage ERP Accpac Snapshots provides secure access to key performance indicators so you and your team can perform proactive trend analysis and plan more effectively.
  4. Find the specific information you need more quickly with Sage ERP Accpac Inquiry. Fast access to customized lists provides the answers you need to make better decisions.
  5. Enhancements to the workflow between SageCRM and back office accounting help your sales and fulfillment teams work in tight synchronization.
  6. Enhancements to fiscal period management can save your accounting staff significant time, while reducing the possibility of erroneous postings from individual modules to the general ledger.
  7. New training tools such as the Getting Started Snapshot make it easier for your team to start taking advantage of enhancements. These tools also can help new employees get up to speed quickly.
  8. Included Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence and the new version of SageCRM 7.0 give you the tools to ensure optimal business management.
  9. By keeping the system compatible with both the old interface and the new Portal, Sage has provided the option to adopt the new visual user interface at your own pace and ensure a smooth transition to Web technology for your business.
  10. With this release, all modules were released together to ensure compatibility among all the components you use, keeping your system working together harmoniously.

Top Ten Benefits of Version 5.6

These are just a few of the capabilities added in Version 5.6. Enhancements are designed to increase productivity, streamline operations, and improve transparency.

  1. New strategic planning and reporting tools enable you to spend less time gathering data and more time making critical business decisions.
  2. Improved inventory workflow procedures, including tighter control and traceability of serialized inventory and lot numbers can help you reduce operational costs.
  3. A new user-defined Accounts Receivable inquiry tool can help your team accelerate your collections efforts and improve your cash flow.
  4. A series of the most commonly requested small workflow enhancements were added across all modules to improve productivity and help your daily tasks go more smoothly.
  5. An improved bank reconciliation process makes it easy to get a fast and accurate view of your cash position.
  6. The ability to access customer information anytime, anywhere can simultaneously increase employee productivity while improving customer satisfaction.
  7. Payroll Updates ensure that your system is compliant with the latest government regulations and help reduce the risk of payroll-related penalties.
  8. The ability to run your software on virtualization platforms gives you the potential for a tremendous reduction in the cost of running your Sage ERP Accpac solution.
  9. Free online training and easy-to-follow implementation procedures make it fast and cost-effective to get employees up to speed on new enhancements.
  10. It is easier to prepare the reports you need every day with the addition of new sorting options and the ability to save your report parameters.

Top Ten Benefits of Version 5.5

Version 5.5 was designed to help you improve efficiency, boost performance, and manage your business more effectively. Here are some of the enhancements with this release:

  1. The ability to change, combine, and copy customer, vendor, general ledger, and item numbers gives you the flexibility to easily correct errors, remove duplicates, and quickly adapt to business process changes.
  2. Built-in dashboard analysis and financial reports help you respond more quickly to business trends and mitigate financial risk.
  3. The ability to create multiple levels of general ledger account relationships with roll ups gives you the potential to greatly simplify and expedite the period-end reconciliation process.
  4. Shared access to customer information between the front and back office gives your team the means to deliver exceptional customer service and optimize your collections process.
  5. New inquiry tools provide visibility into inventory availability and detailed stock forecasts to help you avoid costly inventory overstocking or shortages.
  6. New inquiry tools help you to better understand the life cycle of your customers, allowing you to more easily recognize potential growth and sales opportunities.
  7. A new option to assign General Ledger account access to only specified employees helps you maximize workforce productivity while tightening system security and controls.
  8. New multi-currency revaluation choices help ensure compliance with currency translation standards and help give you a clearer view of your bottom line.
  9. Optimizations to performance throughout the system help you complete everyday tasks more quickly.
  10. Microsoft SQL Server Standard edition now comes bundled with Sage ERP Accpac to help lower your total cost of ownership.

The extensive enhancements in these last three releases of Sage ERP Accpac offer more flexibility, power, and insight into your business. Remember all 30 of the features and capabilities discussed in this article are included in Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0. Please give us a call with your questions or for help in planning your upgrade.