Two Helpful Hints For Sage Abra HRMS

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In this article we’ll show you how to calculate the FMLA Rolling 12-Month Plan Year. We’ll also show you what to do when you encounter the “No Pay Groups Available for Selection At Trial Payroll.

(Hint 1) Calculation Of The FMLA Rolling 12-Month Plan Year

Note: This hint is applicable to Sage Abra Suite 7.6 and above and all versions of Sage Abra SQL HRMS.

The Rolling 12-Month Plan Year is available only when the plan type is FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). The 12-month rolling period determines an employeeís balance of FMLA leave by measuring backwards 365 days from the date the employee starts taking FMLA leave. This is called the 12-month look-back period. Each day the calendar moves forward, the 12-month look-back period rolls forward one day.

The look-back period includes the accrued as-of date. For example, if the accrue-to date is 3/15/2010, 365 days back is 3/15/2009 with 3/14/2009 as the 366th day, which is outside of the look-back period. In leap years, the extra day is included in the look-back calculation. The basic method of calculating an employeeís available FMLA leave is as follows:

  • Time taken before the first day of the 12-month look-back period is not used in the calculation because it was taken outside of the look-back period.
  • Time taken within the 12-month look-back period is not available for the current FMLA leave request.

In setting up this plan for an employee, the calculation method defaults to lump sum, and the system calculates the employeeís default eligibility for FMLA leave as follows:

  • For hours-based attendance plans, the system uses the Hours/Units value from the Sage Abra HR Current Pay page to determine the number of FMLA Leave hours the employee can take during the 12 month look-back period.
  • For days-based attendance plans, the system uses 60 days and assumes a five-day work week.


(Hint 2) Error Message: No Pay Groups Available For Selection At Trial Payroll

Note: This tip applies to Sage Abra Suite Payroll Versions 7.x and Canadian Suite Payroll.

The message: No Pay Groups Available For Selection At Trial Payroll may appear when one or more payroll processes have not been completed for the previous payroll for this pay group.

All payroll statuses must be Complete or Not Applicable before another payroll can be run for this pay group. For Canadian Sage Abra Suite the status must be Active.

You can determine which payroll process is incomplete by following the steps below:

  1. From the Activity Center, select Payroll, Rules, and Pay Group Set Up.
  2. Select the appropriate Employer.
  3. Select the appropriate Pay Group and click the Detail button or click on the symbol to the left of the pay group.
  4. Once the detail view is opened, select the Payroll Status tab. View the items on this screen to find the payroll process listed as Not Complete.

Please give us a call if you need further clarification on any of these hints.