3 Questions to Ask About Your Future Document Management Solution

By: | Category: Document Management, ERP

Going paperless is a hot initiative for many organizations right now. A good document management solution has a high return on investment because it enables companies to streamline business processes and thus grow their business. Who wouldn’t want to look into a solution like that?

If you too are considering a document management solution, ask the following three questions to ensure that you make the proper decision for your company.

1. Is the document management solution fully integrated?

Document management systems integrated to an ERP provide the greatest productivity gains and strongest return on investment (ROI); however, not all integrations are the same. Some integrations require manual indexing after a document has been processed and scanned. Other integrations automate the entire data entry process by launching the workflow functionality and moving the document to the next workflow status when the transaction is saved, helping to streamline the process.

2. How scalable is the document management solution?

Consider these four areas when it comes to document management scalability:

  • Architecture: Many companies today prefer non-proprietary systems. In document management, this means that the system should store documents in their original formats and run across a range of hardware.
  • Configurability: Your system should be configurable to match (or improve) your business processes. Your supplier should be able to integrate the system into applications you use today.
  • Scalability: The system needs to be able to grow with your organization, as you increase the users it will support and/or the documents it will process.
  • Modularity: Ideally, you should only pay for the functionality you need and easily add more as you expand your use of the system.

3. What will my company pay?

Document management solution costs vary based on the features and functionality required. After reviewing your business processes and solution needs with your software reseller and the document management vendor, ask for costs to be clearly broken down between software, services, support, and maintenance. Consider industry leaders and look for product certifications and endorsements.

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