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How to Digitally Manage Your Employees From “Hire to Retire”

A recent Forbes Magazine article highlighted the top 4 Key HR Trends in 2018 – number one on the list is “Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience.” But with the constantly expanding spectrum of responsibilities that HR departments are…


HR Document Management: Space, Security and Simplicity

One area where many companies feel the pain of paper and the need for a Document Management solution is in the Human Resources Department. When it comes to record keeping in the Human Resources department, two of the most crucial…

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How Document Managment Can Help You Communicate Better

Most agree that clear communication is key to success – as a leader, coworker, friend, spouse, and parent. That good communication is also the key to successful relationships with your customers and vendors. Just as relationship experts suggest you ask…


A Look at Document Management Disaster Recovery: Prepare for the Worst with the Best

Do you have a disaster recovery plan you feel good about? In today’s data-driven world, it’s important that your answer to that question is yes! The average office employee in the United States handles 10,000 physical sheets of paper each…


Sage Document Management from Your Pocket: Access, Approve, and Capture on the Go

With the Sage Endorsed document management solution DocLink, you can support your workforce with a web client and mobile application designed to streamline everyday tasks. It’s news to no one that smart devices are an integral part of many lives…


How Document Management is More than a Supercharged Filing Cabinet

The term “document management” often evokes visions of going modern, paperless, green – and all are accurate! Yes, a document management solution can help you to ditch those filing cabinets. Yes, your office can transform from one whose operations revolve…


3 Questions to Ask About Your Future Document Management Solution

Going paperless is a hot initiative for many organizations right now. A good document management solution has a high return on investment because it enables companies to streamline business processes and thus grow their business. Who wouldn’t want to look…


Sage Document Management: Why You Should Go Paperless

Sage Document Management is a Sage Endorsed solution integrated to your Sage ERP that allows you to store, easily access, share and move documents through workflow, from any device! Ask yourself the following three questions to see if document management…


Six Real Reasons Why You Should Go Paper Less in 2015

It is 2015 and the decade of the mobile device is well upon us. In case you haven’t noticed, everywhere you go people are holding and reading information from tablets, big mobile phones, or ultralight notebooks. But do all these people still love paper? Nope!


Forward Together: Abila (Sage Nonprofit) and Microsoft SharePoint

The inaugural Abila (formerly Sage Nonprofit Solutions) user conference, Forward Together 2013, is taking place next week in Lost Pines, Texas. As a top Abila partner and conference sponsor, our Nonprofit practice group is looking forward to visiting with clients,…


ECM: Understanding the Terms and Abbreviations Associated with Enterprise Content Management

In my last post, I gave some ideas on how to get more “Paper Less” when it comes to customer and employee documents. We will soon be talking about other areas of your business like dealing with vendors, purchasing and…


Keys to Achieving a Paper Less Office™

In my last post I talked about the paperless office vs. the Paper Less Office™ and reasons your business should consider moving to a paper free environment. Today, I will offer tips and recommended steps to consider towards moving in…


The Paper Less Office™ 2013

The concept of the “paperless” office first surfaced in a 1975 article in Business Week magazine.  It was an early prediction that office automation would someday make paper documents obsolete.  Fast forward 38 years – if you feel like there…


How to be “Green”

My father always threatened that if he had to mow the yard (my task), he’d tear up the grass, pour our yard full of concrete, and paint it green. Good thing I liked mowing or I would have been a…

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