30 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sage MAS 500 ERP

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Are you still running on an older version of Sage MAS 500? Studies show many choose not to upgrade due to concerns over the cost and effort involved. However, because every release is designed to streamline workflow, save you time and money, and improve customer service, you can experience a fast return on your upgrade investment. Here we will cover the top 10 features of the last three MAS 500 releases; all 30 are included in the most recent release – Version 7.3.

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Version 7.3 – Top Ten Enhancements
Here are just the top 10 enhancements introduced in the most current release of Sage MAS 500 ERP:

  1. The new Credit Card Processing module is free when you use Sage Payment Solutions as your credit card processor. Credit card transactions are enabled in several places throughout Sage ERP MAS 500 Version 7.3 – they can be initiated and managed from within Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Management.
  2. Significant performance improvements in data entry, processing, posting, and reporting improve productivity.
  3. A streamlined Sales Order processing workflow improves customer service and productivity. The new capabilities include:
    * Ability to print an invoice before committing shipments so that an invoice can be included in a shipment. For counter sales, it can be printed and handed to the customer.
    * Ability to process shipment commitments after business hours.
    * Flexible credit card payment options that support a customerís preferred payment method.
    * Updates made to Ship To, Ship Via, and Delivery Method fields in the order header optionally cascade down to all open sales order line items, eliminating the need to update lines items individually.
  4. The inventory physical count process becomes faster and more accurate with a new grid entry, expanded item selection criteria, and sort order control. You also can select individual list items to count and save count selection settings for future use.
  5. Several new Business Insights Explorer views allow you to view pending and posted inventory transactions.
  6. Vendor and customer documents can be sent electronically in PDF format.
  7. Make payments electronically using the Automated Clearing House (ACH), and avoid check fraud with Positive Pay.
  8. The updated Desktop offers faster access to the tasks you use most with a Recently Accessed Tasks window. You can personalize the Tasks Explorer Bar, change the order of the module menu groups, and hide or show groups on the menu.
  9. Customer and vendor records can be merged easily to eliminate duplicates or consolidate entities.
  10. Multiple shipments can be included on a single invoice to simplify billing and reduce paperwork.

Version 7.2 Top 10 Enhancements
Here are the top 10 enhancements added in the Version 7.2 release of Sage MAS 500 ERP:

  1. Business Insights Dashboard was introduced to provide you with the vital information you need to stay on top of your business. Up-to-date sales statistics, key accounting data, industry news, and competitive intelligence all are available in one location.
  2. Useful new Business Insights Explorer Views were added, such as the Where Serial Number Used preview that allows you to immediately identify where a given item serial number was used in your business operations.
  3. Data Import Manager was introduced, allowing database administrators to use a powerful mapping wizard to easily configure one-time or regularly scheduled imports into a wide variety of Sage ERP MAS 500 transaction formats.
  4. The option to Pick by Order or Shipment was added, allowing you to complete urgent orders first without completing an entire pick list.
  5. A Memo Management option was added to the Sage MAS 500 ERP Office toolbar. Created memos are automatically assigned to the voucher, customer, or invoice.
  6. Business Insights Explorer now includes a new Active Memos preview for the most common memos such as Vouchers, Invoices, Work Orders, Projects, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders.
  7. Ability to access Office Template creation from within Microsoft Word was added.
  8. In addition to providing complete Microsoft Office 2007 support, Sage ERP MAS 500 Office becomes a generic feature, available in all data entry tasks.
  9. Online tutorials and extended Help options offer comprehensive training and search capabilities. HTML help and multimedia tutorials help new users learn how to handle common tasks and functionality.
  10. Sage ERP MAS 500 takes advantage of the latest .NET and SQL capabilities.

Version 7.05 Top 10 Enhancements
Here are the top 10 enhancements added in the Version 7.05 release of Sage MAS 500 ERP:

  1. A streamlined grid-based entry provides a heads-down approach to order processing. Sales Order Entry can be tailored to match internal procedures using a built-in customization interface where fields can be added and moved by company, group, user, or site – offering complete flexibility and control.
  2. Extensive pick, pack, and ship workflow enhancements are added, including automatic generation of shipments from picking, and the ability to skip the picking confirmation and shipment editing tasks by completing edits for lots, serials, and bins from within picking.
  3. An improved StarShip interface eliminates the need for warehouse personnel to manually enter package dimensions.
  4. Streamlined Drop-Ship Processing allows you to select the Purchase-From Vendor in Sales Order Entry.
  5. Gross Profit Display allows you to optionally display the calculated gross profit for each line on an order, and receive a warning when profit dips below your acceptable level.
  6. With Order Copy you can create new orders by copying from an existing order. You can edit and re-price the order as needed.
  7. Promotional Pricing allows you to configure date-specific promotions for items, product lines, and other subgroups of inventory with either fixed or percentage-based discounts based on price or quantity ordered.
  8. Real-Time Inventory – batch processing is removed from transfer shipments, customer shipments, and customer returns to keep more accurate inventory levels throughout the day.
  9. Customized Sales Order Entry screen allows you to choose which fields should be included or excluded from line item grid entry, as well as which fields should be delegated to the miscellaneous tab. Plus, columns within the grid entry can be frozen to help you retain visible context as you scroll from left to right.
  10. Credit Management – an optional credit check routine will place orders on credit hold and lift credit holds from orders for customers with resolved credit issues.

The extensive enhancements in these last three releases of Sage MAS 500 ERP offer more flexibility, power, and insight into your business.

Remember all 30 of these features are included in the most recent Version 7.3. Give us a call with your questions or for help in planning your upgrade.