A Look Into The Distribution Side Of The Chemical Industry With Terry Hill, CEO Of Barentz

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Distribution is such an important part of the chemical industry, but we don’t often get to hear from the people who make this vital link possible. In a recent episode of The Chemical Show, the leading podcast in the chemical industry, Terry Hill, the CEO of Barentz, talks about a variety of things that are transforming this particular side of the industry right now. Sitting down with Victoria Meyer, Terry compares what the industry was like when he started and how it has changed and evolved over the years. He pays particular attention to the cultural shift and the adoption of digital technology that is accelerating change and innovation in the space. Tune in and learn a lot of things from this insightful conversation with an industry veteran.

Watch the episode here:

Read the full interview here.

About The Chemical Show

The Chemical Show is the leading podcast in the chemical industry. It features interviews with chemical industry executives covering key trends and topics including leadership, supply chain, sustainability, customer experience, and digitization. Since launching in April 2021, it has quickly become the go-to podcast for the chemical industry, where listeners gain insights and leaders share their latest news.

About Victoria Meyer

Victoria Meyer is a B2B Strategy and Marketing Expert and founder of Progressio Global. She advises chemical executives on creating value through market-focused strategies and execution. Victoria has over 25 years leadership experience at global companies including Shell and Clariant. She harnesses that experience to maximize insights with her guests on The Chemical Show.

About Terry Hill

Terry Hill joined Maroon Group as CEO in 2019 after he has served the Board of Directors since 2017. Terry previously spent 30 years with Univar, where he fulfilled various global leadership roles during his tenure. He has also held leadership roles within the National Association of Chemical Distributors, serving on the Board of Directors. Terry also serves as Board President of the Chemical Educational Foundation and has served on the board for several years. Terry also serves on the board of Blue Pallet. Terry graduated from Texas Tech University with a Microbiology / Chemistry degree.

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