Acumatica Finance: Check Register Inquiry

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Acumatica ERP 2020 R1 added the ability to easily see check applications. A new inquiry form, Check Register (AP404500), lets Acumatica Cloud ERP users find out whether a particular check number has been used and, if it has, by which AP check.

On the Release Payments (AP505200) form, a user can return a printed AP check to the Pending Print status for further reprinting. The Acumatica user can either reprint the AP check with the same number (the system will reuse the check number) or with a new number (the system will void the previous check number). The Check Register inquiry enables visibility of the voided check numbers.

The screenshot below shows the inquiry with the cash account, payment method, and check number specified in the Selection area.

Acumatica Finance: Check Register Inquiry

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