Anti-Virus Software that Conflicts with Sage 300 ERP

By: | Category: ERP

We always recommend to utilize anti-virus software for your Sage 300 (Accpac) ERP system, but depending on what software you utilize, we would like to make sure you are aware that some anti-virus software can compromise your Sage 300 installation.

Although rare, certain anti-virus software can negatively affect the stability & general functionality of Sage 300 systems. We have encountered an issue where the software (Avast) has removed the Sage 300 Sign-on manager file (a4wsignonmanager.exe).

The workaround has been to locate this file in the “virus chest,” restore it and run it manually. You can also reinstall Sage 300 and the applicable product updates. The long-term solution is to exclude the Sage 300 and/or Accpac folder from the scan that the anti-virus software performs.

Action Steps

If your anti-virus software is conflicting with your Sage 300 ERP and you need further assistance to remedy the matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.