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Acumatica Cloud ERP Product Update: Wave Picking Available in 2020 R1 Release

Companies with large warehouses can significantly increase the efficiency of their warehouse operations by using advanced methods of picking items for shipping, such as wave picking and batch picking workflows now available in Acumatica. Creation of a Picking Worksheet in…


Reducing Business Uncertainty During Challenging Times

All major crises change things in the short term, and then for the long term. Managing through uncertainty is an art and a science. Keep tight control of cash and an eagle eye on the balance sheet. Listen to employees,…

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The Paycheck Protection Program: Where It Stands Now and How to Apply for a Loan

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), by which the federal government approved loans for small businesses hit by COVID-19, ran out of money on April 16. The Small Business Administration (SBA) posted a note on its website saying it is no…


SBA Loans: Where the Program Stands Now

On Thursday, the Small Business Administration (SBA) posted a note explaining it is no longer accepting applications for its Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) related to COVID-19. By now, many growing businesses in the U.S. are familiar with the EIDL….


Complimentary Web-Based CRM Training Courses

As part of our larger effort to assist businesses during this unprecedented time, we continue to add to our complimentary live training courses for anyone looking to learn more about the power of the technology you already own, or solutions…


A List of Business Relief Resources Amid Coronavirus

Businesses are facing extreme economic challenges and uncertainty due to the coronavirus. In response, financial relief and loan programs at the federal and state level aim to meet the needs of small businesses, which total over 30 million and account…


Acumatica ERP Inventory and Order Management: Correction of Sales Order (SO) Invoices

Acumatica has added some amazing features into their 2020 R1 release. This blog post is a great read for those who need to correct any Sales Order Invoices in Acumatica. Previous versions of Acumatica Cloud ERP provided no ability to…


All the Sage X3 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Everyone loves a quick way to get things done. Periodically, Sage updates the shortcut combos for Sage X3. Introduced in version 12 patch 18 was an updated list of shortcut commands to help you work more efficiently. You can find…


Microsoft Teams Free Web-Based Training Courses

During this time Net at Work wants to continue to help you stay connected to your workforce as much as we can. One tool that many organizations already have but may not have unleashed the power of is: MS Office…


Six Keys to Driving Sales through the Disciplined Use of CRM

Following up my last post Why the Disciplined Use of CRM Matters Now More than Ever, here I will discuss how to start to leveraging CRM in a more direct, prescribed way to drive change and results. Here are six…


Net at Work and COVID-19: Resources for Sage X3 Users

Our Net at Work Family is just that—a family made up of employees, clients and the businesses we serve. The health, safety and overall wellbeing of our family, and yours, is our top priority. With this in mind, we’ve gathered…


COVID-19 Related Cybercrime and PCI Compliance: The Importance of Securing Credit Card Data

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused all of us to rethink and revise the way we do business and the way we live in general. In the new environment where a majority of the workforce is working remotely, and businesses and consumers…


Quick Start Package: Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Net at Work’s ACH Quick Start enables clients to set up secure electronic payments for Accounts Payable using the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). ACH is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States that is supported by…


Maintaining Business Continuity & Best Practices in Optimizing for a Remote Workforce

As more organizations have directed employees to work from home, or are being mandated to close their office doors, it’s imperative to review your business continuity plans and prepare for the possibility of a longer-term, fully remote workforce. Watch this…

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