Document Distribution for Sage X3

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Document Distribution for Sage X3 automates the emailing or printing of the different documents you need to provide to your customers and suppliers at the moment of the transaction.

It helps your organization save time by taking advantage of the standard workflows functionality in Sage X3 to eliminate the need to print documents individually and attach them to emails.


  • Automate individual document transmissions:
    • Sales Orders
    • Packing Slips
    • Bill of Ladings
    • Invoices and Purchase Orders
    • Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet Management
  • One form/report per email with one or more selected recipients from the contacts.
  • Traceability inside Sage X3 instead of a user’s email account. This will help to determine when the document was not sent and more details about the reason.
  • Use Sage X3 Workflows with no third-party tools required.
  • Optionally include other important attachments such as Safety Data Sheets.

Net at Work Document Distribution for Sage X3 not only provides the ability to send documents at the moment of the transaction, it also offers bulk process functionality for Invoices and Customer Statements:

  • Bulk Customer Invoices – Process to email or print all invoices. The function goes through posted invoices that have not been printed or emailed and emails it to the Customer Contact. This can be run manually or scheduled. 
  • Bulk Customer Statements – Module that will allow the bulk emailing of customer statements by selecting criteria like Site or Business Partner. Customer statement format can be the standard or customized. 

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