Outsourced Payroll Considerations

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Outsourcing your payroll processing can help reduce your workload and regardless of your company’s size outsourcing can make payroll simpler and more cost effective. In this post we will take a look at full-service CompuPay, offering market-leading payroll product features and unique Web service integration with Sage products. If you are Sage ABRA HRMS user,the Sage alliance with CompuPay provides you with choices: in-house payroll with  Sage Abra HRMS, or outsourced payroll with CompuPay.

Full-Service Payroll

CompuPay offers a full range of payroll outsourcing services, including:

  • Secure and convenient online, phone, and fax payroll processing options
  • Payroll tax payments and filings for all federal, state, and local agencies
  • Multiple check, direct deposit, and paycard options
  • Personalized customer service from a team of payroll professionals
  • Online employee access to W-2 forms and pay stubs with online payroll
  • Integration with Sage Abra HRMS
  • Integration with your general ledger

Working With CompuPay

Experienced payroll industry specialists at CompuPay will work with you every step of the way in setting up your online payroll. Staff at CompuPay gather your year-to-date payroll data and load it into the online payroll system for you. Then they will guide you through your first payroll. You even can customize the Web page to help make entering payroll faster.

Once set up, you simply enter your pay­roll data online through the secure website, review the net-to-gross totals, and approve your payroll. Within minutes you can review your reports and checks. CompuPay can print and deliver paychecks to you, or you can print them from your desktop printer. There also is an employee self-service system that allows employees to review their payroll-related information online.

Government Compliance Made Easier

When you opt for CompuPay outsourced payroll, CompuPay will:

  • Maintain changes to tax rules and rates
  • File and deliver W-2 forms at year end
  • Remit federal, state, and local tax collections
  • Prepare and submit federal, state, and local payroll tax returns
  • Process all payroll checks and reports for you

Tax filing is guaranteed penalty-free, provided that the information that is provided is complete and accurate and your payroll tax account is fully funded.

Fully Integrated

The CompuPay payroll service can fully integrate with your other software solutions. It synchronizes closely with the Sage Abra HRMS HR and Attendance modules. Information flows from the Sage Abra HR and Attendance modules to CompuPay including:

  • Company Benefit Codes
  • Org Levels
  • Attendance Codes
  • Absence Reason Codes
  • New Employees

The following information flows from CompuPay to the Sage Abra Attendance and HR modules:

  • Absence transactions
  • Pay checks
  • W-4 forms if integrated with Employee Self Service

The CompuPay payroll service generates appropriate journal entries for posting to your general ledger. A General Ledger Self Service Wizard allows you to view accounts online and set up and revise the posting accounts for cash, payroll expense, and employer taxes. You can choose different posting accounts for departments or even individual employees. You even can edit the general ledger posting prior to synchronization.

If you are Sage ABRA HRMS user,the Sage  alliance with CompuPay provides you with choices: in-house payroll with  Sage Abra HRMS, or outsourced payroll with CompuPay. Whether you want to manage your payroll in house or outsource it to a service provider, using Sage Abra HRMS, your organization has the flexibility to choose either one, and still enjoy a fully integrated solution.