Round Out Your ERP System With Sage Endorsed Solutions

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The software development community has developed a number of specialized solutions for Sage ERP MAS and Accpac, and the best of them have been certified as Sage Endorsed Solutions. Here we cover two Endorsed Solutions that add important automation options for distributors and manufacturers, TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager™ and Warehouse Suite by Accellos.

TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager™ from HighJump Software

Do you need to transmit and receive electronic documents to and from your trading partners? TrueCommerce EDI is a cost-effective, fully integrated EDI solution for Sage ERP Accpac. The solution can provide all the software, network services and support needed to successfully implement an EDI solution. TrueCommerce EDI is capable and scalable, yet simple to deploy and maintain. With TrueCommerce EDI, you can:

  • Attract larger customers
  • Import purchase orders with one click
  • Reduce data entry errors

The Four Components of the TrueCommerce EDI Solution are:

  • EDI Transaction Manager: Enables you to easily convert business documents to and from the ANSI X12 EDI standards
  • Trading Network: Connecting via the Internet to the TrueCommerce Trading Network enables you to exchange EDI transactions with trading partners
  • Trading Partner Maps: mapping modules that work with the EDI Transaction Manager to ensure that your EDI transactions comply with formatting requirements
  • EDI Solutions Support: end-to-end support from experienced professionals.

Warehouse Suite by Accellos

Improving the speed and accuracy of the fulfillment process and reducing the cost of labor are key to greater profitability in distribution and warehouse-related businesses. Warehouse Suite by Accellos can help. This flexible system was built to help you automate your warehouse using tools such as conveyers, carousels, sophisticated picking algorithms, advance replenishment methods, and order allocation, delivered in an intuitive solution that can be implemented quickly. Here are the key benefits of the solution:

  • Improve inventory accuracy through RFID and bar coding
  • Eliminate manual warehouse processes and counts
  • Reduce picking, shipping, and receiving errors
  • Achieve retail and material handling compliance
  • Improve labor efficiency and utilization with automated picking and put away
  • Make informed decisions about warehouse operations with key performance indicators

Warehouse Suite by Accellos integrates tightly with Sage ERP MAS and Accpac so your inventory can remain highly accurate. The system’s Web-centric design allows you to give internal and external users visibility into the status of warehouse operations.

Call us to discuss these Sage Endorsed Solutions, or any other areas of your business that require additional automation.