Sage 100 ERP Product Roadmap

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Sage periodically publishes a product roadmap to provide you with a vision of the future direction of your software. With the 2013 release launched, Sage published an updated roadmap. In this post we provide a high-level view of the product plans that Sage has for Sage 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 200) in the upcoming year.

Roadmap Overview

The Sage roadmap includes a mix of enhancements to the core of the Sage 100 ERP system, the addition of selected cloud-based solutions, and expanded integration with other on-premise solutions, both from Sage and from Endorsed Partners.

There will be a major release at the end of each calendar year with a Product Update that includes minor enhancements in between. Integrations with cloud solutions will be released periodically as they are ready.

Cloud-based solutions continue to be an important part of the Sage product strategy. Some of the advantages of cloud solutions include:

  • Local server installation is not required
  • No need for expertise in the technology infrastructure in your organization
  • Affordable subscription-based pricing
  • Rapid deployment of new users
  • Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • System maintenance such as backups, updates, and security upgrades are usually included
  • Scalability as your requirements change

Cloud-Based Solutions

Sage is working on a number of innovative cloud-based solutions that enhance and extend the core capabilities of your on-premise or online Sage 100 ERP software. These are Sage Mobile Sales Manager, Sage Mobile Service, Sage Cash Management and Collections, and Sage Inventory Advisor. Here is a brief look at each.

Sage Mobile Sales Manager
The Sage Mobile Sales Manager application will give you the ability to work with customer information while in the field via tablet PC. You can review buying habits and offer cross-sell and up-sell possibilities.

Sage Mobile Service
The Sage Mobile Service solution provides service people working in the field with the ability to manage projects remotely.

Sage Cash Management and Collections
The Sage Cash Management and Collections solution will help you to enjoy better cash flow through better management of cash and collections.

Sage Inventory Advisor
The Sage Inventory Advisor solution is the first of the cloud-based solutions to be released. Release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013. For both distribution and manufacturing organizations, a well-managed inventory is key to greater profitability and excellent customer service. Sage Inventory Advisor promises to help you release 15 to 40 percent of your investment in inventory, while improving inventory availability to customers and achieving higher fill rates on orders. The system uses advanced algorithms to perform an Inventory Health Check every day.

Mid-2013 Product Update

Expect a product update mid-year that will include minor enhancements. Planned for this release is the ability to sort by check in Bank Reconciliation, as well as the addition of user and title tracking in Sage Advisor.

Sage 100 ERP 2014 Release

Scheduled for the end of the year, the 2014 release will include a number of infrastructure improvements, as well as support for the Sage mobile initiatives. A number of customer-requested enhancements are still being evaluated for inclusion, and there are plans to improve the user experience as well. Sage will continue to tighten and streamline the integration with Sage CRM, and the Sage ERP Intelligence module will be able to be installed from the menu.

In the area of payroll, the tax forms within the ERP software are being retired and replaced with those from Aatrix, and online Pay History is planned to be added.