Sage 300 ERP Tip: How to Reverse Receipts in AR

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In Sage 300 ERP sometimes you need to reverse a payment, whether it’s because it got posted to the wrong customer, or the check did not go through. In this post we cover the step-by-step process on how to reverse a customer payment and put the invoice balance back on the books.

1. Navigate to Accounts Receivable/AR Transactions/Receipt Batch List.

2. Select receipt you wish to reverse.

3. Make a note of the bank code, customer number, check/receipt number, and document number.

4. Navigate to Bank Services/Bank Transactions, and double click on reverse transactions.

5. Input the bank code noted earlier, and make sure that Accounts Receivable is selected for Source Application and for Reverse Document, the type Receipt is selected.

6. Enter the customer number and check number. You can also optionally change the date of the reversal, and enter a reason. Note that cleared withdrawals cannot be reversed, however cleared deposits may be reversed.

7. When you are ready to reverse the receipt, click post.

8. To make sure the receipt reversed correctly, navigate to the Receipt Batch List. Look for the receipt entry that you have reversed, highlight the document number in the grid, and then select history. The receipt reversal will appear in the list along with the original receipt amounts.

9. You can also view the transaction in Bank Reconciliation. Navigate to Bank Services, Bank Transactions, and select Reconcile Statements. Enter the bank code, then select the Reconciliation Tab. Here you will see two entries, one the deposit, and after it the reversal.

Please call us with your questions as relates to reversing receipts in Accounts Receivables or other areas of Sage 300 ERP.