Sage Abra SQL HRMS Payroll

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Managing your payroll and HR processes in-house can save you money while giving you tools that support compliance with regulations, greater control over costs, and the ability to increase employee satisfaction, and help retain your top-performing workers. Here we focus on the capabilities of Sage Abra Payroll.

Payroll Designed For Midsized Organizations
As part of an overall Sage Abra SQL HRMS solution, Sage Abra Payroll includes the payroll functionality needed by midsized organizations to process their payroll accurately and on time, every time. It supports the needs of most industries, including manufacturing, services, retail, wholesale, financial, transportation, high-tech, government, education, construction and agriculture.

The Sage Abra Payroll module supports a wide range of tax management requirements, and offers flexible pay plans, including sales commission and piece-rate plans, and a variety of pay frequencies to meet the needs of organizations such as governments and schools.

Powerful And Flexible Payroll Features
You can set up an unlimited number of earnings and deduction codes with a wide variety of calculation methods. Flexible Accrual & Overtime Schedules make it easy to manage employee paid time off and overtime payments.

Sage Abra Payroll uses a simplified and flexible four-step payroll process. You can create templates and set up selection lists of employees for whom you can calculate payroll as a group. You can process by date without being tied to pay periods or required openings and closings.

You can run an unlimited number of payrolls to ensure data accuracy prior to printing checks. It is easy to preview checks before printing, print test checks, and further simplify check printing with MICR and laser signature options.

Sage Abra Payroll streamlines the entire payroll process by making it easier to produce paychecks on demand and make adjustments when necessary. Direct deposit is also available, and offers the ability to assign an unlimited number of direct deposit accounts for your employees.

Tax Management, Compliance And Reporting
With Sage Abra Payroll, it is easy to meet federal and state tax management and compliance needs with automatic quarterly updates of tax tables and electronic media reporting where required. Stay on top of state and federal regulations and requirements with the Sage Compliance Center.

You can meet government and management reporting requirements with built-in standard reports, CrystalÆ Report Writer, and electronic media reporting.

We recommend a Sage Abra SQL HRMS bundle that includes Abra HR, Abra Payroll, Abra Attendance, and the integration. Call us for details.