Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence

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Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence comes with Sage ERP Accpac beginning with Version 5.6. If you have not taken the time to explore this module yet, we recommend that you do. This powerful tool combines your ERP data, the familiar Excel interface, and simple yet powerful tools to locate and analyze your data.

Intelligence Module Benefits

If a big part of your reporting efforts consist of exporting data to Excel, then formatting, copying, and pasting, the Intelligence module can give you a big productivity boost. A range of report templates come with the system. You can easily adapt these reports to your specific needs. You also can consolidate information from multiple Sage ERP Accpac companies and import information from other data sources, such as SageCRM or a specialized billing module.

What Is Included?

A single user license of Report Manager comes with your Sage ERP Accpac software along with standard report templates for Financial Analysis, GL transactions, inventory, purchasing, and sales, at no additional cost. A Dashboard data view provides a one-page summary of key business information; Top N details on customers, items, and expenses. View information both textually and graphically to help with daily and long-term planning. You easily can drill down to get further insight into the numbers.

Gain More Power

Once you understand what you can do with the Intelligence module, you may want to expand your capabilities with any of several add-on components.

Report Viewer Licenses: Report Viewer licenses offer an inexpensive way to give users basic editing capabilities (filtering and changing parameters) and drill-down functionality on existing reports and templates. You can provide Report Viewer licenses to staff members who do not need to create new reports.

Report Manager Licenses: Additional Report Manager Licenses can be purchased for individuals in your organization who are going to author new reports.

Analysis Module: Use the Analysis module for more powerful decision support through advanced analysis of trends and what-if scenarios. With this module you can utilize built-in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to get insight into information that goes beyond transactional data. You also can create OLAP cubes to enable multidimensional analysis of your data. The Analysis module overrides the row and column limitations of Excel.

Connector Module: Use the Connector module to gain access to information from multiple sources and consolidate data from multiple companies. The Connector Module allows for connectivity to unlimited ODBC data sources, including SageCRM.

Coming Soon

A new Financial Report Designer for the Intelligence module is scheduled to be available early in 2011.

Give us a call if you need assistance getting started with Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence.