Sage ERP MAS Intelligence For MAS 90/200 Version 4.5

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Sage ERP MAS Intelligence for MAS 90/200 Version 4.5 adds the ability to attach Reporting Trees to Report Designer layouts. The new trees will expand the options that companies can use for different reporting structures. A 90-day trial period is included for Report Designer so customers can experience the benefits of expanded importing and exporting capabilities, and creating scheduler commands. Also included in Version 4.5 is more flexibility on how reports or any Excel workbooks are distributed, supporting distribution via email, publishing to a public server, and FTP publishing.

Reporting Trees

The new Reporting Tree structure enables you to generate reports that follow your internal company structure automatically, with the flexibility to accommodate anything from a simple to a very sophisticated hierarchy. Using Reporting Units, you can set up reports that represent your organization’s hierarchies, and then easily generate them at a Detailed or Summary level. These Reporting Units can be departments by GL account segments, or higher level groups in the company, established by building as many parent and child relationships as you need.

Sage ERP MAS Intelligence has the ability to set up hundreds of tree units for those companies who have complex corporate hierarchies, and also meet the needs of more simple organizations who require just a few levels of tree units.

Modifying a reporting structure to accommodate consolidations or acquisitions is easy. As business needs change, you can modify Reporting Trees without changing financial data. The new Manage Reporting Trees screen allows you to build, modify, add, rename, and duplicate existing trees

Enhanced Report Distribution

One of the benefits of Reporting Trees is the ability to deliver reports to all levels of management, thereby allowing each department or division access to the information they need for better decision support. With the Version 4.5 release, Sage ERP MAS Intelligence has increased flexibility to distribute Intelligence Reports and Excel workbooks. You can save the reports to a file, publish them to an FTP site, or send them via email in a variety of standard formats. You can choose the reports you want to distribute and how and to whom you will send them. You can speed up business processes by automating report delivery and distribution according to the schedule you require.

Email Format Flexibility
You can establish unique settings for each email format, choosing from PDF, HTML, and XLSX, and create custom criteria for report distribution. You also can send a report to various destinations, establish a regular distribution to managers and executives, and use an existing Microsoft Outlook® profile and address book. Flexible options include the ability to add pertinent information to the report when it is distributed by the chosen electronic method, such as the useful ability to reference a specific cell in the body of the email. Using the File Publish tab, you can distribute reports to locations within your organization’s network in PDF, HTML, and XLSX formats. The FTP tab allows you to easily distribute reports to FTP locations in these same formats.

Unattended Report Distribution
Sage ERP MAS Intelligence For Version 4.5 provides the ability to establish convenient, fully unattended report distribution. Once the required Distribution Instructions are setup and linked to worksheets within a report, you can flag the linked distribution instructions to be sent automatically whenever the report is run by a Scheduler Command within Report Manager.

Looking Ahead

Working with Microsoft, Sage is developing a utility that will decrypt proprietary FRx files. The Conversion Utility Assistant will allow consultants or users familiar with FRx to recreate similar reports in Intelligence more quickly, and reduce the effort in migrating FRx reports over to Intelligence. Please call us with your questions.