Sage SalesLogix OnTheGo! iPhone and Android Mobile App Released

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Today we announced OnTheGo™ for Sage SalesLogix™ CRM, a mobile application for iPhone and Android phones (a Blackberry version is coming shortly). Available for download from either the Apple Store or Android Market, the OnTheGo application allows users to access their Sage SalesLogix 7.52 CRM database and the SalesLogix Cloud Edition from their smart phone, where they can leverage contact and historical information from their Sage SalesLogix database. Created by Net at Work’s US-based application development group, the Sage SalesLogix app allows users to source information from the host database without requiring them to carry large volumes of data while facilitating secure transactions and fast data retrieval.

“OnTheGo was driven by customer demand for anytime, anywhere access to real time information, enabling users to add critical functionality to the devices they already depend on every day,” said Danny Estrada, CRM Practice Director from Net at Work. “OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix is easy to download, install, and use, without requiring IT support. Net at Work will develop other OnTheGo applications based on customer feedback and demand. As smart phones get smarter and become increasingly robust platforms for business use, we expect the OnTheGo line to grow exponentially and become an indispensible business productivity tool.”

The OnTheGo™ for Sage SalesLogix product line adds mobile functionality to business applications, offering the following key benefits:

  • Real Time Information – Live transactions talk to your internal databases.
  • Leverage Data on Your Phone – Use information with core phone capabilities for email or phone.
  • Simple Installation – No server software or IT consulting needed to use immediately.
  • Feedback Portal – Give us your thoughts on future releases while you use the application so that we can make it better.

“The team from Net at Work has leveraged the investment Sage has made in providing cloud friendly platforms that can make information available to any user or any application wherever they need critical information,” said Matt Yearling, SVP, Technology Strategy and R&D for Sage CRM Solutions. “We love to see this type of innovation that takes our best of breed Sage SalesLogix application and makes front line sales and service people more productive without adding significant overhead to IT operations,” added Jeff Gregorec, VP, Sales for Sage CRM Solutions.

The OnTheGo mobile product line is powered by the development team from Net at Work. For the past 15 years, Net at Work has worked with thousands of organizations in making technology easy to use, deploy, and maintain.

OnTheGo for SalesLogix will be offered in three “flavors:” OnTheGo, OnTheGo Plus, and OnTheGo Platinum (the latter will offer expanded read/write capability).

Whether using the network version of Sage SalesLogix or the Cloud Edition of Sage SalesLogix, users can download OnTheGo from either the Apple Store or Android Market. For more information, visit

About Net at Work

Founded in 1996, Net at Work provides business technology consulting, solutions, and services including application development. The OnTheGo™ line of mobile business productivity applications is based on 15 years of expertise developing, extending, and integrating business applications. Headquartered in the heart of Times Square in New York City, Net at Work has offices around the country.

For more information on Net at Work and the company’s development capabilities, please visit For more information on the OnTheGo™ mobile application for Sage Saleslogix CRM (now Infor CRM), call 1800-719-3307, x4CRM.

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