Sage X3 Upgrade:
Sage X3 Version 12.0.21 Release Notes

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With the release of v12.0.21, Sage added a number of new features to Sage X3, its global, enterprise-level ERP offering. The recent update builds further upon the key benefits of Sage X3 and includes updates for finance, distribution, and project management as well as the general platform.

Sage X3 Tips

Here are a couple of the features to look for in the latest version:

Manage global notification

The User broadcast feature available in the Administration platform allows administrators to set up messages that display at the top of the browser window for a given period.

Administrators can set start and end dates and times for these messages. They can also add a link that opens an additional web page with more information for users.

Administrators can use this feature to:

  • Communicate system unavailability due to planned maintenances in advance to users.
  • Send users reminders about operations they need to do before closing a period.

Once you have closed a user broadcast, it does not appear again because it is stored in the browser history. Empty your cache if you want to see it again.

Opening of periods once for multiple companies/ledgers

The Periods opening (mult-companies) function (TRTPERMC) allows you to open all periods for all ledgers for selected companies. After running the process, a log file details which periods were open and for any periods not opened, a reason is noted.

The process does not open fiscal years, nor does it open periods for ledger types not associated with a company.

You can run the process on-demand or on a schedule.

To see a complete list of all of the new features included in the latest release, click here.