SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Content: ECM for the Masses

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Content makes Enterprise Content Management (ECM) easy for everyone. Blending the worlds of traditional content management, social computing, and search, SharePoint 2010 Content is natural to use and manage. It provides a familiar user experience and rich policies and processes, helping to deliver adoption and success where legacy systems have failed. Read More (PDF)

The Business Value of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010
Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint Server 2010 enables companies to democratize content management and improve organizations by providing content management to all employees and compliance across all documents. This leads to better, faster, and more secure processes that can be managed through a familiar environment, integrated into business collaboration infrastructure, and built on a trusted and extensible platform. Lear what you can do with ECM in SharePoint Server. Read More (PDF)

SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides a vast number of capabilities that empower business users. However, even with this amount of power in hand, users can benefit greatly from having a clear SharePoint Adoption Plan. Why? Because SharePoint is often something that users can benefit from, but don’t necessarily have to use to get their job done. A SharePoint Adoption Plan describes how the benefits of your SharePoint deployment will be communicated to users and what kind of training you’ll provide.

Learn more on how to plan, organize, and create your adoption plan. We’ll also provide some examples of how to integrate your governance plan into the training and communications plans for your solution.

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