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24x7 Site Uptime and Performance Monitoring
Server monitoring notifies Net at Work and you of outages and tracks server performance. By doing so, we can reduce time to repair issues with root cause analysis capabilities and take corrective actions immediately.

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Our Standard VPS Hosting Features:



2 GB
Hard Disk - Storage

Disk Space:
100 GB

1.25 TB


Web Site Performance Monitoring

Site Uptime and Performance Monitoring:

Net at Work will monitor the uptime of your website by setting a notification system to inform us of site outages. If your website is unavailable online due to web hosting issues, we will:

  • Contact your web hosting company and submit a support ticket.
  • Notify you of the situation and supply you with status updates.
  • If advisable, restart your web server.
  • If necessary, restore your website using the most recent data backup we have available.


Dedicated End-To-End Website Management

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