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Security Enhancement & Threat Prevention (On-Going)
These security measures aim to provide you with greater peace of mind for your CMS website.

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Protect your Website from Hackers, Malware and Blacklists

Features Website AntiVirus Website Firewall
Stop Hackers Yes Yes
DDOS Mitigation Yes Yes
Performance Optimization Yes Yes
Web Application Firewall Yes Yes
Malware Detection Yes No
Malware Cleanup Yes No
Blacklist Removal Yes No


Scheduled Website Backups

Full-Site back-up and Routine back-up plan:

  • Daily site back up will be facilitated through the hosting company’s back-up system.
  • Monthly file and database back-up

Site Benchmark and Analysis:

  • Net at Work will install New Relic and use its tools to monitor and identify server load, site pain points and issues.
  • Document each issue and propose a solution on an ongoing monthly basis.
Website Audit and Analysis
Web Security

Host Based Intrusion Detection System (H.I.D.S):

  • Correlation and analysis engine
  • Integrating log analysis
  • File Integrity checking
  • Windows registry monitoring
  • Centralized policy enforcement
  • Rootkit detection

H.I.D.S Visualization System:

  • Dashboards for Monitoring
  • Parsing logic
  • Saved searches
  • Monthly Reporting
Website Performance Monitoring
Hacking Prevention

Website Defacement

Website defacement is defined as a hacker successfully breaching your website’s security and then replacing your site’s page with his or her own page. Net at Work will check for two types of defacement.

  • Public-Side Defacement – This is the part of the website that is viewed by the general public.
  • Private, i.e., Administration Side – This is the part of the website that only the website administrator views.

If your website has been defaced, we will:

  • Notify of the situation and supply you with status updates.
  • Immediately replace your website with a Net at Work web page stating that the website is temporarily down for maintenance.
  • Perform an emergency analysis of the logged security data to determine what vulnerability may have caused this defacement.
  • Restore your website using the most recent data backup we have available for your website.

Dedicated End-To-End Website Management

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