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Top 3 Benefits of CRM, ERP and eCommerce Integration

Long gone is the patience for multi-click checkout processes, rough shipping estimates, and the possibility of product returns. Today’s shoppers are expecting full mobile functionality for websites, single-click checkout, and fast shipping with end-to-end package tracking & extremely friendly return…


3 Metrics to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website for the Holiday Rush

Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush? There’s plenty to consider when preparing for the holiday shopping season, like how to boost holiday sales, how to make sure buyers find the product they want, how to promote a product…

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Magento eCommerce Shoplift Patch Alert

Security firms are warning that attackers are increasingly exploiting a flaw patched in Magento’s e-commerce platform back in February. If you are using Magento’s e-commerce platform you should ensure you are using its latest software as the vulnerability, known as the Magento Shoplift, can allow an attacker to gain complete control over a store with administrator access, potentially allowing credit card theft.


ERP and eCommerce Integration Best Practices

Online sales channels offer the opportunity for increased revenue, but they also present major challenges. Customers expect a personalized experience and smooth provisioning of their orders. If data can’t easily flow from your eCommerce system to the account management and fulfillment areas of your ERP system, there’s no shortage of opportunities to disappoint.


Magento Go Shut Down – Best Next Steps to Move Your eCommerce

Magento Inc., an open-source content management system for eCommerce websites, owned by eBay, recently announced that they would be shutting down their Magento Go and Magento ProStores platforms in early 2015. With Magento Go and ProStores going off the market,…


Optimizing E-Commerce Websites for Better Search Engine Rankings

E-Commerce websites come with some built-in functionality for an easy shopping experience, but these extra features generate some red-flags when it comes to making a website search engine friendly. Most e-commerce websites have the same optimization issues, such as duplicate…


Net at Work Named Best Web Development Company by bestwebdesignagencies.com

Earlier this week, the independent authority bestwebdesignagencies.com/topseos, named Net at Work the best web development company in the online marketing industry. The rankings of the best web development companies involve those which provide an effective development process in the creation…

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