ERP and eCommerce Integration Best Practices

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What You Should Know About ERP and eCommerce Integration

Online sales channels offer the opportunity for increased revenue, but they also present major challenges. Customers expect a personalized experience and smooth provisioning of their orders. If data can’t easily flow from your eCommerce system to the account management and fulfillment areas of your ERP system, there’s no shortage of opportunities to disappoint.

On this topic, we recently spoke with and shared a ton of great information about best practices when it comes to ERP and eCommerce integration.

Here’s a rundown of the topics they touched on:

  • Best-of-breed E-commerce vs. ERP with embedded E-commerce like NetSuite
  • Customer portal vs shopping cart integration
  • Implications of open source like Magento
  • Enabling E-commerce integration via middleware like ConnectPoint eCommerce
  • Real-time vs manual/batch integration
  • Integration benefits by business department
  • Integrating with other business software systems like CRM
  • E-commerce API comprehensiveness
  • Bringing website analytics into BI reporting applications
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Recapping the choices available to businesses

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