3 Metrics to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website for the Holiday Rush

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Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush?

There’s plenty to consider when preparing for the holiday shopping season, like how to boost holiday sales, how to make sure buyers find the product they want, how to promote a product for the holidays and so on. When it comes to your eCommerce website, access to accurate data is vital to planning and success. Smart retailers are getting a head start in preparing their website for the holiday shopping rush, and the Commerce experts at our sister company Pixafy are here to help you get started as well.

In a recent post, Pixafy identified three key metrics that will help you determine which areas of your website need the most attention and how to use insights from analytics to stay ahead this holiday season. Read this post to learn how users are interacting with your website and how to make the right decisions when adjusting in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush.

You can also take their online holiday survey  to get a clearer idea of where you stand in terms of readiness for the busy holiday online shopping season.

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