Top 3 Benefits of CRM, ERP and eCommerce Integration

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Long gone is the patience for multi-click checkout processes, rough shipping estimates, and the possibility of product returns. Today’s shoppers are expecting full mobile functionality for websites, single-click checkout, and fast shipping with end-to-end package tracking & extremely friendly return policies.

In today’s high tech and fast paced world where consumers seek to get the most out of their shopping experience, your eCommerce site cannot afford disconnected backend systems.

The necessity to satisfy the demand of 21st century consumers calls for a much needed amalgamation of your website’s backends. Especially integration between the web platform, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

In a recent post, our sister company Pixafy, a leading eCommerce agency, conveyed three significant advantages of CRM, ERP and eCommerce integration. Read the full post & learn how backend integration can streamline your eCommerce operations and help meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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Learn how integrating your website with backend systems like ERP & CRM can improve and streamline your online business.