The Most Successful EOY Campaign Ever

By: | Category: eCommerce, NonProfit Industry

It’s that time of year again. No, not tax season. It’s the fourth quarter – the time of year for non-profits to come up with and kick off that amazingly successful end-of-year fundraising campaign. Let the games begin!

Everyone is buying a big bottle of extra-strength Excedrin and scrambling to come up with the best campaign, the punchiest messaging, and the most compelling ask. Dollars are going to be pouring in at the end of December this year. It’s going to be great – even if it kills us!

But seriously, the smartest non-profits are doing it even better this year. Their secret is leveraging the ever-growing footprint and power of the smartphone to do their work.

The fact is most people now use their smartphones to check their email, and texting has become the most-used phone app. This means making this year’s EOY asks “mobile-friendly” is the best way to reach donors, period. Just read the latest stats from the Pew Research Center.

In their recent study, U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015, the Pew Research Center stated, “Today, nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011. Younger adults as well as those who are more affluent and have higher levels of education are among the most likely groups to own a smartphone.” In addition, the study noted, “Fully 97% of smartphone owners used text messaging at least once over the course of the study period, making it the most widely-used basic feature or app; it is also the feature that is used most frequently, as the smartphone owners in this study reported having used text messaging in the past hour in an average of seven surveys.”

Did you see the words, “more affluent and have higher levels of education” in the quote above? You know as well as I that these are the donors you want in your CRM system – or your proverbial rolodex. These people have high expectations from their phones. They want to do everything with them, and donating to your campaign is one of them. But it needs to be quick and easy. The problem is that most communications you send are not mobile-friendly. This means your email is not quick and not easily legible on a mobile device. In fact you might need a magnifying glass just to read the headline. Ouch! That is an instant killer with these donors. If they can’t read your email easily, they’re going to click DELETE faster than a kid chasing an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Now is the time to make all your communications mobile-friendly.

Net at Work has been working with clients since 1996 in upgrading their websites and web-marketing tools. Now we’re offering our clients’ a free email audit to see how you’re doing and help you build your campaign right. We want to help you go mobile and have the most successful end-of-year email campaign ever. So now, not only do we help you with software systems to manage your bookkeeping and accounting like Abila MIP, but we also help you drive donations onto your general ledger and into your bank accounts.

Send us a note now and say, “I want to go mobile in 2015!” or call 646-517-6164 for more information how to get started.