The Top 5 Reasons to Choose NetSuite

By: | Category: Cloud Computing, ERP

NetSuite is the world’s best cloud business management software suite, providing a single web-based platform to combine multiple business processes like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Management Software (HRMS), and automation for Professional Services & eCommerce.

Why NetSuite?

  • Real-Time Metrics Visibility
    NetSuite’s real-time dashboards provide a clear and immediate view to core business metrics – finance, sales, professional services, and marketing – allowing you to view and act on real-time data in a timely manner.

  • Reduced IT Costs
    Being a cloud business management suite, NetSuite enables you to run core business applications without any additional costs to maintain IT infrastructure and resources across your business.

  • Single Platform for Multiple Services
    NetSuite provides a single cloud based platform to run and manage multiple business applications – Accounting/ERP, CRM, HRMS, eCommerce and more – which eliminates the costs of having multiple applications for each business unit. With automated processes, NetSuite enhances the productivity and speed of your business management procedures with reduced errors.

  • Easy to Customize and Integrate
    NetSuite’s built-in functionality allows it to support multiple applications under one platform, reducing costs and enhancing productivity with almost no extra cost of needing consultants to make each system work together as one application. NetSuite also sends all this data to clear and easily customizable dashboards.

  • Global Access to Your Business
    NetSuite’s cloud based (web-based) business management solution enables you to access critical business data from anywhere in the world and whenever you want it. With mobile support, you can access this data through any device with an internet connection.

In addition to a few other benefits, NetSuite cloud business management suite bundled with tons of other features improves employee productivity, enhances IT efficiency and lowers costs. NetSuite is an enterprise level business application with affordable cost for mid-sized organizations with comprehensive support.