Tips And Tricks – MAS 90/200 Positive Pay and Paperless Office

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The following tips for Positive Pay and Paperless Office apply to Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 Version 4.4 and above. We will show you how to exclude wire transfers from the Positive Pay Export File and how to move PDF files in Paperless Office.

Exclude Wire Transfers From The Positive Pay Export File

All wire transfer check numbers begin with W; this allows you to exclude them from the Positive Pay Export when you set the check numbers to export in Positive Pay Export Processing. You can use either of the two following methods:

  • Use range and enter the lowest to the highest check number you want to export
  • Use range and set it to 000000 to 999999

Sending Voided Checks Without A Negative Sign In Positive Pay Export
Voided check amounts may appear with a negative sign in the Positive Pay Export file. To remove the negative sign, use the following settings in the Define Formatting Information for the Detail Record:

  • Field Description = Amount
  • Start, End, Length = Defined by the bank
  • Justification = Right
  • Zero Fill = Check box
  • Implied Decimal = Check box

Using the Zero Fill option will eliminate the negative sign. Verify with your financial institution that the Zero Fill option will be accepted.

Moving PDF Files In Paperless Office

Using the Link Maintenance Utility you can copy or move Office memo attachments and Paperless Office PDF files; and correct broken links to attachments, templates, and PDF files. Note: The Relink Files button is available only if the link path is broken. The files appear in red when the link is broken.

To perform this procedure, you need security permission to access the Link Maintenance Utility. To copy, move, and relink files:

  1. Select Library Master/Utilities menu/Link Maintenance Utility.
  2. In the Link Type field, select the link type. For more information, see Link Maintenance Utility/Fields.
  3. Select the Company Code.
    Note: You must select ALL to display Office templates.
  4. Select the module.
    Note: You must select ALL or SYS to display Office templates.
  5. Click Refresh.
  6. In the List Box, select the file that you want to copy, move, or correct a broken link path for. The Copy and Move buttons are available only if the link paths are not broken for all files selected.
  7. To copy the files, click the Copy button. To move the files, click the Move button. To correct a broken link path, click the Relink button.
  8. In the Copy/Move/Relink Files window, enter a new location for the files or click the Browse button to browse to a new location.
  9. Click OK.
  10. When prompted to copy, move, or relink the file selected, click Yes.
  11. The selected files are copied, moved, or relinked to their new location. The System Activity Log is updated with the details of the changes made.

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