Update: Sage ERP X3 Latest Enhancements

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Sage delivers major enhancement releases to Sage ERP X3 every couple of years. In between, point releases deliver program fixes and a substantial number of enhancements. Patch 18 is the latest release for Sage ERP X3 version 6. There are several areas where we see major benefits:

First Phase of North American 1099 Functionality

The 1099 functionality in Sage ERP X3 has been enhanced to allow further identification of suppliers, entry of beginning balances and tracking of payments. Suppliers can now be identified as either a dividend, interest or miscellaneous vendor. Box numbers can be setup as a default on the business partner record and are available for change during Supplier BP Invoices and Purchase Invoices. The 1099 information can be accumulated at both the header and line level. Additional 1099 functionality will be released in future patches.

New Feature in Fixed Assets
New functionality in the Sage ERP X3 fixed assets module for issue, transfer, change in allocation and modification.

Three Way Match in Purchase Order
New functionality during purchase order receipt or invoice to advise when the matching tolerance (minimum or maximum quantity, amount, unit or terms of delivery) for a given product has been exceeded. Users will be able to specify tolerances for quantity shortage, quantity exceed, early receipt, late receipt, under invoice, over invoice, under invoice extended line and over invoice extended line for both amount or percentage.

For a more detailed look at the enhancements in Patch 18 please contact us.

In case you missed it, a recap on the previously released Patch 16 and 17 for Sage ERP X3 can be read here.