Using the Sage X3 Product Configurator

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The Sage X3 Product Configurator is an optional module within Sage X3 that guides users through a series of rule-based questions to produce the technical specifications of the product to be sold and/or produced. It can be used for several business use cases including:

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality
  • Multi-Select items to a sales quote or order
  • Build a new SKU and bill of material with different variants like a master SKU with different sizes/colors

In this video, we will show how the Sage X3 Product Configurator searches for a pre-built product that matches user-defined attributes to add to the sales order. If no match is found, the Product Configurator creates a new product and stores the configuration for re-use later on.

Sage X3 Tips

There are three components to the product configurator in this example:

  1. Product Selection
  2. Options/Variants
  3. Scenario

The Product Selection component returns a short list of products that match the attributes entered by the user. For example, using a bicycle scenario, if we tell the product configurator we are looking for mountain bikes for adults, the product configurator will return a list of all products matching those attributes. The user can then select which product to add to the order.

The Options/Variants component will prompt the user to answer a series of questions about a specific product. Again, in our bicycle example, it may ask what color the bike should be, or what type of seat or tires should the bike have. The Options/Variants component is where add-ons (cross-sells and up-sells) are typically selected.

Finally, the Scenario function is a combination of the Product Selection and Options/Variants functions to provide a fully rule-based Product Configurator. Sage X3 looks at the combination of requested attributes to see if it has ever been created in the system before. If not, then the system creates the product, outlines all of the components needed to build the product, determines if they are in stock or may need to be ordered, defines the price and adds the new configuration to your list of products.

Watch this video to learn more and see Product Configurator in action:

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