Enterprise Content Management for HR

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Ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of paperwork and forms? You are not alone. Surveys show that if you are looking for the mountains of paper in an organization, go visit the HR Department.

The sheer volume of documents grows exponentially when you are managing a large number of employees. If you also have operations that span multiple locations, then the costs increase at an alarming rate.

From a more cost effective approach to managing the volume of paper and electronic data to a more efficient and secure process to handle audits there is a better way with tremendous value.

Imagine how effective you would be if the filing and retrieving of documents took seconds. Your unwieldy collection of documents is now systematically organized and readily available for retrieval. Feel confident that information can be made available to others securely whenever and wherever they are needed.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

You can save costs and headaches by having an ECM system that allows you to capture, manage, and route HR documents throughout the entire organization as well as for the duration of the employment lifecycle. By centralizing and ‘indexing’ electronic documents, these systems provide a standard means to rapidly find historical information.  You are a mouse click away from determining who has and who has not signed the new handbook.  Retrieve all signed benefits forms and put them in one secure email to the provider in just a few minutes.

Sage Abra – True ECM?

Sage Abra software provides core HR tracking functionality and can ‘link’ or ‘attach’ documents. This access is limited to those users with access to the Sage Abra System and is designed for low document volume.

This differs greatly from a true ECM system which allows for secure access to specific documents as set by your security policy.  Employees can only see their own documents and forms that HR makes available to them.

Lower Costs, Reduce Risk, and Succeed with effective ECM for HR

  • Reduce / Eliminate time spent looking for files and paperwork scattered throughout the organization.
  • Secure access to sensitive documents and information.
  • Free up office real estate taken up by filing cabinets and document storage.
  • Enforce your procedures using document workflows.
  • Realize direct and immediate savings on paper, postage and mailing supplies.
  • Address risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Make audits easier and less costly.
  • Reduce / Eliminate costs associated with off-site storage.
  • Realize additional savings when applied to other areas of your company (i.e. AP or AR).

Don’t get caught by the growing tidal wave of paper.  Best in Class organizations are more likely to invest in tools that reduce the burden on the HR Team and help employees become more self-sufficient.

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