Hope is Not a Strategy

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Net at Work recently conducted a webinar and released a new white paper about how to leverage a technology roadmap to drive continuous improvement with your Sage ERP.

Did you know that 80% of leaders feel their company is good at developing strategy but only 2% are confident that they will achieve their strategy?!  This clearly points to an execution problem within the company.

The new webinar and whitepaper guide you step by step through:

  • Current State Assessment: Identifying the strategic profile and operating model of your organization today
  • Strategic Planning: Formulating a 5-year vision and developing KPIs and roadmap necessary to achieve your vision (while remaining flexible to new opportunities)
  • Technology Roadmap Execution: Tracking the results

You can view recorded webinar here. And download the whitepaper here.

Remember that digital transformation includes looking at processes across the organization and how you are using the technology you already own.  It’s not only about investing in new technologies!  Look at the areas you can optimize and take stock of the capabilities in your current technology stack, including Sage X3.  Roadmaps take people, process, and technology into consideration to ensure that your organization can consume the changes you make to achieve all the positive impacts of your transformation journey.

A complete technology roadmap considers other inputs as well including your brand and the experience you want your customers and other business partners to have with your company.

Here is a sample technology roadmap we show in the webinar as we discuss how you increase your capacity to succeed.  Hint: you need strong resources driving the change and looking at all three lanes:

  • People – you need your people to be on the roadmap with you. Although IT is essential to continuous improvement in technology, these are not IT projects in a silo!
  • Process – know the processes you use today and why you do all the steps in the current process.
  • Technology – know what you have already and evaluate if you are using all the features available.

We hope you get value from these resources – let us know!  And let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information on these important topics by reaching out to your account manager or me, Samantha Marshall, Practice Director Sage X3, at smarshall@netatwork.com.