How Your Cosmetics Business Can Alleviate Supply Chain and Distribution Challenges

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Businesses in the cosmetics industry face a number of obstacles when it comes to keeping their costs low and their profits high. There’s a remarkable amount of competition in the industry along with the pressure to develop and release new products at a rapid rate. The best way for cosmetics companies to stay on top of these challenges is to streamline their supply chain and come up with solid distribution methods. Find out how Sage X3 can assist with supply chain management to make cosmetics business more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Keep Data Up to Date

With Sage X3, you have the ability to seamlessly track every product in real time. When any member of your team enters or updates information, it’s automatically tracked across every system to make sure that no pertinent details are lost along the way. A single entry provides reliable, up-to-date data to all involved departments. This software acts as the central hub for your business thanks to cloud functionality that allows information to be accessed anywhere at any time.

From steps of development, creation, and shipment to the moment it arrives at its intended destination, you can check in to see precisely where your products are in the supply chain. You can view your inventory at a glance and zero in on which product, colors, scents, or sizes are running low or performing well. Sage X3 also allows you to receive automatic alerts for any issues that arise so that they can be addressed and resolved quickly. By taking advantage of this feature, you can reduce time to market and improve productivity.

Gain Insights Into Your Business

Sage X3 allows you to access in-depth analytics on demand so you can see precisely where your supply chain and distribution methods are thriving or lagging. Use the real-time visibility mentioned above to pull together up-to-date reports that will help you make critical decisions in regards to your business.

Sage X3 features intuitive intelligence tools that make it easier to analyze data across all departments, including sales, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and delivery. When you have important meetings to attend and need to present information to your team, these tools provide the assistance you need to summarize and clarify important data. Use graphical representations of key statistics to help drive decision-making across your business.

Recognize and Capitalize on Trends

One unique thing about the cosmetics industry is that trends are always changing. Most cosmetics industries have to constantly develop new products in order to keep up with their competition. Sage X3 makes it easier for cosmetics companies to do this by making it possible to manage an incredibly diverse inventory of products.

Use Sage X3 to look closely at how each of your products is performing. Look at weekly or monthly overviews of your distribution numbers in order to look for particularly high- or low-performing products. You can even have these reports automatically generated to help you stay on top of the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Sage X3 keeps key data for decision-making at your fingertips. Contact us to learn even more about how this software can streamline your cosmetics supply chain and distribution.