Is Your ERP System Keeping You Compliant?

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Managing compliance requirements is a concern for a variety of industries, and remaining up to date with state and federal regulations demands continuous due diligence on the part of business executives. A properly designed and developed ERP system can assist with this by providing the tools and functionality necessary to streamline and manage regulatory processes.

The experts at Net At Work understand these strict demands and work with clients to organize and manage data and create process efficiencies using Sage X3. The platform provides security and transparency in its automated processes, as well as, industry-specific functions and the latest in document protection technology.

Does your current system provide you with the tools you need to stay organized and keep up with compliance requirements?

Below are some of the features and benefits Sage X3 has to offer:

Increased Security

With robust security features and capabilities, Sage X3 keeps rules-based user roles clearly defined, even for the most stringent auditor.

Improved UDI, Serial, and Lot Number Tracking Capabilities

Sage X3 manages device details, warranty information, service orders, and other contractual information within its core processes, improving traceability with advanced system tools and functionality.

Increased Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Sage X3 stores and manages inspection records online in one central location, making them readily accessible whenever necessary.

Bill of Material and Routing Revision/Version Controls

System controls for BOMs and routings provide a complete device history record. Each production order also contains a history of actual materials issued, machine usage, etc. for full traceability.

IT Change Control

Sage X3 regularly maintains all stored documentation, flagging items that don’t fit specified criteria and require modification.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a fact of life for some businesses – a fact that can severely drain company resources and funds. Managing compliance with Sage X3, however, reduces costs and creates greater efficiencies in the maintenance of compliance requirements with regards to documentation, record keeping, and the process automation.

For more information on the Sage X3 platform and how it can change the way you do business, contact Net At Work today.