Key Ingredients for Efficient Recipe and Formula Management

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If real estate is about “location, location, location,” recipe and formula management is all about “consistency, consistency, consistency.”

As a food and beverage processor or distributor you know how critical it is to exercise precise control over recipes and formulas to maintain consistency, quality, and traceability.

Ensuring recipe accuracy – uniform texture, taste, smell, and color – is vital to attract and keep customers. And doing so is more complicated when manufacturers have to ensure consistency across multiple batches and/or multiple locations.

Just as important as accuracy is traceability. The ability to trace a product before, during, and after production guarantees companies can effectively manage a recall.

Efficient recipe management also means having the ability to manage variations of the same basic product resulting in similar finished goods. Having systems in place that allow companies to easily alter production to accommodate different formulations means companies can expand product offerings and their client bases.

Looking for a Recipe for Business Success? There’s an ERP for that!

Sage X3 ERP can help companies increase productivity and cut costs while providing all of the process manufacturing features needed to support recipe and formula management including:

  • Multiple units of measure conversion capabilities
  • Scalable batches
  • Tracking and costing of products, co-products and by-products
  • Changing finished goods to use specific/available ingredients
  • Updating and duplicating of formulas and recipes
  • Hazardous material tracking
  • Lot tracking and shelf-life management
  • Integration of formulas into work orders or batches for tracking/recording of actual ingredients
  • Proportion management
  • Ingredient tracking
  • Tracing and tracking materials from supplier to the customer
  • Yield management
  • Labelling
  • Allergen tracking and alerts
  • Quality control

Choosing the right ERP for your food and beverage business is a big decision. At Net at Work, our tenured consultants work closely with you to identify your specific business needs and recommend the best solution to help unleash the power of your business.

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