Food for Thought: Using Sage X3 to Transform Shelf Life Management

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For both food manufacturers and distributors, efficiently managing the shelf life of ingredients and products results in less waste, greater profits, better cash flow, fewer regulatory/administrative headaches and happier customers.

The supply chain of perishable food products is fraught with time-sensitive challenges. The process becomes complicated when suppliers are inconsistent when it comes to the shelf life of the ingredients they deliver, and customers have varying requirements for the shelf lives of the products that are delivered to them.

Food manufacturers and distributors need to be in complete control of their information processing systems, which is why Sage X3 is the management platform of choice for food manufacturers and distributors as it was designed to address their specific logistical challenges.

Managing and Monitoring Ingredients

Ingredients used in food and beverages need to be carefully monitored and tested from the moment they enter the system to the time they’re delivered and used.

With Sage X3, producers and distributors are able to monitor the quality/freshness of ingredients at each stage. They can schedule testing per the freshness “window” of every ingredient, and receive alerts to know when it’s time to test. Additionally, the system allows for a range of testing protocols, including pH, viscosity, temperature, weight and other critical criteria.

Managing Finished Stock

Sage X3 also enables producers and distributors to monitor the shelf life of finished food products in multiple storage facilities. Users can create rules for handling specific categories, which can be universally applied to similar products that are subsequently entered into the system. Rules can also be configured to meet the shelf life demands of each customer as some retailers have specific shelf life requirements for specific products.

Tracking and Moving Expiring Inventory

The inefficient management of products nearing their expiration date can be tremendously costly. With Sage X3 you can set alerts that give you sufficient notice to take the appropriate steps when stock is nearing its expiration date. You can set alerts on entire product categories at all your warehouses, enabling you to systematically manage a wide diversity of food products. This allows you to move large inventories before they near expiration and turn a profit – or give you ample time to move expiring stocks by offering customers a discount and limiting potential losses.

Emergency Readiness

Sage X3 is also a key tool in HACCP management. When a food product is recalled due to a safety issues, you will be required to document its procurement and handling, manufacturing and distribution. With Sage X3, information can be easily accessed allowing you to identify which items are at risk and enabling you to halt the product at any point in the supply chain. It also affords you the traceability to simplify the otherwise onerous task of HACCP reporting.

Shelf management, traceability and quality assurance are key ingredients in successfully managing food manufacturing and distribution. Sage X3 allows you to efficiently handle all these processes according to your specific needs, while giving you the flexibility to respond to changing customer demand or circumstances at all points in the supply chain: from production, to warehousing to delivery.

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