Forrester Reports on the ROI of Sage X3 for Manufacturing

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As with any investment, there are considerable costs and risks associated with investing in an ERP solution. But the ROI must outweigh those costs and risks for the solution to be worth the investment.

Manufacturers due to the uniqueness of their business have many factors to consider when making this investment. Savvy manufacturers know that to get the value they deserve, they cannot settle for less than a complete solution suited to the particular needs of the manufacturing industry.

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced and competitive business landscape, manufacturers need a solution capable of handling their entire manufacturing operations from financial management to supply chain management and production management. Sage X3 for manufacturing does just that and more.

The Total Economic Impact Of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Solution For Manufacturing

In a Sage commissioned report, the independent research firm, Forrester illustrates the quantifiable and unquantified benefits manufacturers gain by deploying Sage Enterprise Management as part of Sage Business Cloud. The report analyzes the key challenges, pain points, goals and objectives of a composite manufacturing enterprise, and how Sage Enterprise Management solution is able to rise to the occasion, and secure maximum return on investment for organizations such as yours.


The ROI Of Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management) for Manufacturing

A Forrester Report

Manufacturers experienced savings across financial management, purchasing, sales, inventory, customer service, and manufacturing. Significant savings were noted in sales discount, labor for reporting, materials and productivity, production cost, and reduced inventory levels.

This in addition to unquantifiable benefits such as quicker processes and policy adherence, enforced by the workflow automation and alerts functionality within Enterprise Management. Its documentation and office collaboration functionality make invoices easily accessible to anyone who needs to see them by just accessing Enterprise Management on their computer, making physical file cabinets obsolete.

For more Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management) benefits, costs and risk, access the full Forrester report here.