Sage 100 ERP Integration Elevates Sage CRM to Another Level

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As we enter 2013 our clients using Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 MAS 200) and Sage CRM are now reaching new levels of sales and service functionality that are driving better customer relationships and improving the way the people work with new and improved integration capabilities. Building on the robust capabilities we have seen in the past couple of years the newest features made available this year enable your customer facing employees to work anytime and anywhere from any device or any browser.

Business today is running at light speed and the integration of two world class systems is making it easier to drive results in finding new customers and leveraging transaction history so that your teams can be armed with real time data to increase cross sell and upsell capabilities. Imagine having sales reps processing orders or giving customers order and invoice information without ever calling your office or needing to pick up the phone to retrieve information.

Armed with the right information you can seamlessly market to specific target groups and then put the right information into the hands of your sales teams so that you get the most of every marketing dollar. Using Sage CRM’s native capabilities to run marketing campaigns you can effectively put people in contact with the right people when they are in a position to buy. Taking advantage of workflow and interactive dashboards each department of your company can spend their days managing their interactions in the most effective way to reach customers and increase sales and alleviate customer service issues.

In our on-demand web session I will show how a tightly integrated system can make a difference in your performance this year and every year going forward. I will cover:

  • How easy it is to automate the lead process and qualify leads through effective marketing campaigns.
  • Simple ways to take qualified opportunities, quote while on the road or out of the office, and promote prospects to customers without duplicate entry.
  • How your employees can easily see customer information, sales order and invoice history through a browser or even drill down into data while using a tablet or their mobile devices.
  • The methods for using a systematic processes to run your specific processes for onboarding customers, taking orders, or handling the many customer inquiries to your customer service team.
  • Best practices for automating customer follow up, and the use of escalations for managing issues that come up or dealing with handoffs from different departments.
  • How to use CRM integrated with Sage 100 to alleviate the number of people that need to be logged into the accounting system to source critical information.

We know that it’s not enough in the current economic environment to work hard but we also need to work smart. Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 100 ERP in the right way, gives you the competitive advantage you need to outperform you competitors and change the game when it comes to running your business and getting the most out of current technology investments.

To see the demo of Sage 100 ERP integrated with Sage CRM register here .